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Adult Education Schedule: 2023 - 2024

Adults meet in the fellowship hall during the Sunday school hour (9:15-10:15am).

Each week someone from the congregation or a guest speaker presents on a chosen topic, and there is always time for a good discussion. The topic may come from the presenter's area of expertise or special interest, or it may be a discussion based on a book by a well-known and widely read author. (Reading the book is not required, and the presenter won't assume that you've done so.) Not every topic will come straight from the Bible, but they always come from the intersection of Christian faith and the life we're living.

We're pretty casual but always respectful of each other. You don't have to be an expert to attend, and certainly don't need to have the answers; sincere questions are always welcome.

SS Sep 9 Amanda Held Opelt_web_edited.jpg
Fall 2023

Kickoff Series: Amanda Held Opelt and Bridget Eileen Rivera

Click/tap here for details on special presentations by both of these authors.

September 10: Guest speaker, Amanda Held Opelt, author of A Hole in the World and Holy Unhappiness, will talk on the theme of "calling" and being "souls at rest in our creator".
September 17: Guest speaker, Bridget Eileen Rivera, author of Heavy Burdens, will talk further on themes from her book. The discussion in adult Sunday school will not repeat the content of the previous night's discussion.

Colossians Series

September 24, October 1, October 8: This three-week series is led by Dave Lincicum. Paul's epistle to the Colossians is a powerful pastoral letter that celebrates Christ in poetic terms, expresses concern for the fidelity of its recipients, and offers theologically-motivated practical ethics for living the Christian life. This series will offer the opportunity to study and discuss this brief but poignant letter together.

Prayer Series

October 15: Chris Rea

October 22: NO SUNDAY SCHOOL (Fall break)

October 29: Christina Rhebergen

Sex and the CRC - Moving Forward in the Wake of Synod

November 5: Guest speaker, Laura Callahan - Humility and Disagreement with Others
November 12: Mike Rea - Loving Others While Following our Conscience
November 19: Bruce Huber - Key Questions about LGBTQ Inclusion

November 26: NO SUNDAY SCHOOL (Thanksgiving break)

Advent Series - Hope and Light

December 3: Cris Mihut

December 10: Cris Mihut

December 17: Congregational meeting (there is SS for children/youth, but NO ADULT ED)


December 24, December 31, January 7: NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

Schedule may be adjusted or changed as necessary.

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Spring 2024

Faith and Literature

January 14: Jake Schepers and Chris Hedlin

January 21: Jake Schepers and Chris Hedlin

January 28: Jake Schepers and Chris Hedlin

Issues in Evangelicalism

February 4: John Haas

February 11: John Haas

Lent Series - The Fundamentals for Non-Fundamentalists

February 18: Dave Lincicum: Paul

February 25: Bruce Huber: Christ

March 3: Cris Mihut: Sin

March 10: Mike Rea: Salvation

March 17: Mike Rea: Scripture

March 24: Chris Rea: Eschatology


March 31: Easter Sunday

April 7: NO SUNDAY SCHOOL (Spring break)

Schedule may be adjusted or changed as necessary.

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