Statement on the Arts


At COTS we are committed to the arts. We are also committed to the artistic community in South Bend, Indiana. For that reason we use the Atrium in our building as a gallery for fine art. We host around 10 shows per year, and our curator is Ramiro Rodriguez.

Current Exhibit Artist Statements

Selections from the Relief Conspiracy 2020 and 2021 postcard print exchange

The Relief Conspiracy print exchange was created and is facilitated by Maine artist/printmaker, Scott Minzy. For a few years now Scott has been inviting relief printers, from all stages of development, from all over the world, to contribute to the print exchange. The only requirements are that the prints be created in the relief method and must be mailed at a specific time to the other specified printers. Hundreds of printers respond to the challenge each year. Their reward for creating 21 postcard sized, mailable prints is the receipt of 20 prints created by 20 other artists from all over the country, and sometimes, from other parts of the world.

A relief print is pulled from any matrix - wood, linoleum or other - that has been carved to leave a raised image area that when inked up can be transferred to a sheet of paper that is laid over the block by process of adding pressure (this can be done by hand with a spoon or other smooth object or by passing through a printing press). Included in this selection of prints are works by artists from various states in the USA and works by artists in Ireland, Canada, and England. Works from the greater exchange can be seen by searching the Instagram hashtag