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Camp Friedenswald 2024

For the first year (at least in a long time), we stayed at Camp Friendenswald for two nights. Friday evening we gathered and those of us staying in tents, set up camp. We got a fire going, and the rain mostly held off and didn't come back.

Saturday started with communal breakfast and included hanging out at the beach, on the playground, and in the lodge, swimming, kayaking and canoeing, frisbee, board games, etc. The evening started with potluck dinner with meats from the big barbeque and ended with a camp fire and smores.

Sunday started with a delicious breakfast before we gathered together for worship in the outdoor amphitheater. The rain held off again so we could worship outside and have a baptism in the lake! In between and during all these things were good conversations, laughter, and time simply being together.

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Friendenswald Memories

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