Pentecost 2022

A celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit
June 5
Pentecost 2022_color.jpg

On the day of Pentecost, the bold promise of the Old Testament was fulfilled - the Holy Spirit was given to all believers. All those who put their faith in Jesus receive the Spirit to dwell within them for strength and power.

The Spirit comes with joy and peace for us - but it's also possible for us to quench the Spirit or cause the Spirit to feel grief and sorrow.

Though Pentecost is celebrated on one day, we will be spending six weeks to take a closer look at who the Spirit is and what the Spirit does, and the tremendous blessing it is to receive this promised gift.

About the image:

The Holy Spirit has many representations in the Bible:

  • in "the form of a dove" at Jesus' baptism;

  • with the sound of a great wind at Pentecost and as the "breath of God";

  • as the "living water" believers receive, and that will flow from their hearts;

  • as "tongues of fire" at Pentecost.