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What to Expect

Our services begin at 10:30 am, and last about 60-70 minutes. We sing hymns and contemporary worship music. Our spoken liturgy is based on Scripture, and we shape our worship around the Christian calendar. You can watch past services on YouTube, if you'd like to see an example.

We celebrate communion on the first and third Sunday of each month and welcome all who believe in Jesus to come to the table.

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is the part of the Christian year that stretches out after Pentecost and ends at Advent. The color for this season is green, symbolic of growing things. And that is how we are meant to spend these weeks and months of “ordinary” time: staying connected to the vine, soaking up the nourishment of God’s word, delighting in God’s love - and growing in faith, hope, and love.

Preaching Schedule

June 16 - Rev. Dr. Chris Rea

June 23 - Rev. Dr. Chris Rea

June 30 - Lilly Davis

July 7 - Rev. Derek Zeyl

July 14 - Rev. Dr. Chris Rea

July 21 - Rev. Dr. Ben Snoek

July 28 - Rev. Dr. Chris Rea

August 4 - James Schetelich

August 11 - Rev. Dr. Chris Rea

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