Gathered to Worship, Sent to Bless


Our faith community was formed in a tradition that declares all of life is worship. Whether we work or play, study or rest, or whatever we do, we do all for the glory of God. We come from different walks of life, different occupations, schools, and neighborhoods. Gathering to worship each week, we are reminded that we belong to God. Our individual stories find their place in the great story of redemption that God in Christ is bringing about.

Our worship forms us and nourishes us for our work in the world. The door out of the sanctuary is the door to our mission fields – our families, our schools, our workplaces, our neighborhoods. God sends us into the world to participate in his great work of redemption, each with our own gifts, tasks, and calling. The joys and successes of our week’s labors, the tears and the failures, we bring back with us to the sanctuary. There we find grace, belonging, and refreshment, and then are sent out once again to bless. This weekly rhythm of being gathered to worship and sent to bless gives shape to our lives and faith.

Our Worship Community

We are a congregation made up of people from a variety of Christian traditions and backgrounds. Ours is a community that is growing in faith, but also one where we can express honest questions and doubt. Our worship is blended, combining the best of the historical Christian church with contemporary music. We proudly sing with our organ or with our worship band – and sometimes both at once! All music, liturgy, and instructions for worship are provided, making our services welcoming and hospitable for visitors. Dress is casual, and we enjoy a time of fellowship together after our worship service.

The Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church is a denomination in the Reformed tradition. From its beginning with a few congregations in west Michigan, the CRC has grown to nearly 300,000 members in over a thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. The bulk of our beliefs we hold in common with the Christian church throughout space and time.

As Christians in the Reformed tradition, we have a deep appreciation for the Bible and the story that unfolds within it. It is the story of a God who does not give up on the world God made, but restores it and renews it through Jesus Christ. In Christ, God took on sin and shame, violence and injustice, and triumphed over them. Christ’s resurrection opens up the creation to eternal life, and as God’s people we share in that life even now. Our holistic vision of faith leaves no area of life untouched by the claims of Christ, and we anticipate the day when his Kingdom will be established over all the earth.

Along with the worldwide Christian church, we affirm three ecumenical creeds: the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. Our doctrine is formed by three confessional documents stemming from the Protestant Reformation: The Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dort. Contemporary expressions of our faith can be found in Our World Belongs to God and the Belhar Confession. To learn more about the CRC, visit

The Arts

At Church of the Savior we are committed to the arts. We are also committed to the artistic community in South Bend, Indiana. For that reason we have opened our atrium as a gallery for fine art. We host around 10 shows per year, and our curator is Ramiro Rodriguez.

Current Exhibit

Selections from the Relief Conspiracy 2020 and 2021 postcard print exchange.

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Current Worship Series
This fall we are studying the book of 1 John
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Worship Series
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Chris Rea
Minister of the Word

Rev. Dr. Chris Rea (B.A. Dordt College, 2001; M.Div. Calvin Seminary, 2015; Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, 2010), was ordained into ministry in June of 2016, and has received training in chaplaincy and spiritual direction. Chris is married to Mike, who is a philosopher, and they have five children. Chris enjoys running, reading, and hanging out in the backyard with her family. "The part of being a pastor that I love best is meeting with parishioners and listening to their stories of faith and doubt."

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Andrea Mihut
Pastor of Youth and
Congregational Life

Andrea's education, life experience, and sense of humor have helped her form relationships with people of all ages, and work to create a youth program that allows for questions, doubt, trust, hope, and joy in the lifelong journey of faith. She is married to Cristian and they have four children. "Our family life is wrapped up in the life of this church. In our free time we love to play Viking Chess and soccer, visit with friends, hang out with the youth, watch movies, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and read as much as possible."

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christina headshot
Christina Rhebergen
Budget & Payroll Manager

Christina has a BA in mathematics and after insisting she didn't want to use the degree for accounting, found herself taking over the bookkeeping in every job she's had. In 2018 she took over the bookkeeping at church, and her love of spreadsheets and attention to detail serve us well. Christina is married to Troy, who is happy to let her do the bookkeeping at home too. When not celebrating a balanced month-end, she loves to knit, make quilts, and keep in touch with her mom and four sisters.

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Emily McAndrew
Office Administrator

Emily has many years of secretarial experience and is happy to be serving as our office assistant. When not working here she stays busy as a music professor at Bethel College teaching voice and assorted music courses, as a church secretary in St. Joseph, MI, and as a private voice teacher. If she has any free time after working four jobs, Emily loves to cook, read, and dabble in watercolor painting.

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