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Lent and Holy Week 2024

Starting on Ash Wednesday, Lent is the seven week period before Easter. It is traditionally a time of committing to spiritual disciplines in preparation and anticipation of Easter.

Throughout the season of Lent, we will focus on our spiritual formation--the process by which God transforms us into the image of Christ. Guided by Psalm 51, we see that our formation always begins with God's grace, leading us to confession and repentance. God goes to work on us, pruning away whatever hinders our growth, and changing our hearts from the inside out. We learn to cooperate with what God wants to do in us, as well as through us, for our spiritual formation is never for us alone, but also for the sake of the world. The picture at the front of the sanctuary is a visual representation of ourselves in the gracious hands of God, who is even now forming us into Christ's image.

"Holy Week" refers to the week leading up to Easter, the central event of the Christian faith. After spending the season of Lent in confession, we move into the events of Jesus' last week before his death. We follow the Christian calendar as it slows down to mark each day of that week. We remember and celebrate each event in separate services.

Palm Sunday.png
Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 24, 10:30 am; child care provided

During this Sunday morning service, we remember Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. In humility, he rode on a donkey, while all the people shouted their praise.

Good Friday.png
Good Friday

Friday, March 28, 7 pm; child care provided

On Friday evening, we gather in a thoughtful service of song and scripture to remember Jesus' death and its significance for us.

Holy Saturday.png
Holy Saturday

Saturday, March 30, 8 pm; no child care available

Also known as the Easter vigil, we gather together in the time of waiting between Jesus' death and his resurrection, leaning into both the sadness of grief and the expectation of joy.

Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 31, 10:30 am; child care provided

We worship together in an all-out celebration of Jesus' resurrection, his victory over death, and all this means for us.

We share a potluck brunch after the service. All are welcome!

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